Every child deserves the best possible start in life.

1,000 days.  It doesn’t sound like an awful lot, does it?  But in fact, the first 1,000 days of your child’s life can have a very real influence on how they develop, grow and learn — not just now, but throughout their entire life.

At Johnstone Street Early Learning & Kinder, we recognise the first 1,000 days as being a critical window of time where we can work hand-in-hand with parents, families and carers to set the stage for your child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development.

It is a time of enormous potential and a time of enormous vulnerability.  A time when quality childcare really can make a difference!
At Johnstone Street Early Learning & Kinder, we strive to make a positive difference to your child’s future by giving them the best possible start in life.

We believe in substance over aesthetics, a home-away-from-home environment.  Our Centre is a warm, safe and caring place for children to develop, grow and learn through experience.  We ensure every child receives the individual love and attention they deserve.

As a parent or family member, you are welcomed and encouraged to participate in your child’s learning and development.  By empowering parents and other family members in the service, we seek to encourage shared decision making about your child’s experience.  Importantly, children are invited and encouraged to be active participants in their education and their learning environment, growing to trust their own momentum and priorities, whilst at the same time being offered new and exciting opportunities to engage in the world.

With family input and ties to the local community, our educators strive to provide play-based experiences in an environment that continuously challenges and stimulates children to think, act and create – giving your child the best possible start in life.